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Who Was Your Childhood Hero?

I'm Mikiko, I live in Japan. Now, I'll talk about my hero when i was young.
When I was a child my hero was Superman. As I can remember, there was a TV series called 'Smallville' and the leading character in this TV series was a teenage boy whose name was Clark Kent. Clark was adopted and he had superhuman powers and I was entirely surprised by that because he was saving people all the time using those powers. But as a little kid, the thing that impressed me the most was that he wasn't only saving good people but also the bad one who tried to hurt him and his beloved ones. Although he was my hero, I didn't want to be like him but like his girlfriend, Lana Lang, you know this is natural for a girl of my age. After this show, I always wanted to have a superhero in my life and Superman was an indispensable part of my early childhood.

And what about you?
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